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RootWave is the leading solution to kill weeds without using chemicals.

RootWave uses electricity to boil weeds inside out from the root upwards.

RootWave is a scalable and sustainable alternative to herbicides and is reducing the use of chemicals to improve the environment.

RootWave's award winning products and partner integrations solve any weeding problem.

Contact us to integrate RootWave technology.

RootWave Pro is for professionals to organically treat all types of weeds, including invasive species.

  • Steketee
  • Steketee

Steketee is automating weeding in agriculture using visual recognition and RootWave to precisely target weeds in arable crops.

RootWave is winning prestigious awards and collaborating with respected organisations.

Electricides treat deep into the roots making RootWave ideal for treating any weed, including tough invasive species.

Quick and most effective chemical-free treatment for common weeds: Bindweed Dandelion Ground-elder Moss Nettles
Common Weeds
Quickly kills weeds that may be a dangerous to animals or cause problems in agriculture: Broad-leaved Dock Common Ragwort Creeping Thistle Curled Dock Spear Thistle
Harmful Weeds
Organically treats invasive weeds that compete with native plants and cause damage to the local environment: Giant Hogweed Himalayan Balsam Japanese Knotweed New Zealand Pigmyweed Rhododendron
Invasive Weeds

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8 Brook Business Park, Kineton, CV35 0JA
+44 1926 800789


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Really important points on what happens next on #glyphosate, from @corporateeurope

Congratulations @michaelgove on your insecticides decision. Now to herbicides. @RootWave have a viable, scalable, and sustainable alternative to herbicides that uses electricity to kill weeds.

UK will back total ban on bee-harming pesticides, Michael Gove reveals

"Our children are growing up exposed to a toxic cocktail of weedkillers, insecticides, and fungicides."

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